Session I: June 17 – June 21
Woodworking Fundamentals!
Build a Block, Build a Box

We will design and build basic wooden blocks and boxes, which are extremely useful for endless play and learning when you have acquired enough of them. Sure, you can try to buy them, but what if you could build your own. We will explore the reasons for making our blocks and boxes specific sizes. We will use real tools. Participants will be building blocks and boxes for a real classroom experience where imagination, math, physical activity, and collaboration converge.

Session II: June 24 – June 28
Decorative Box Making
Welcome to Artisan Engineering!

This session involves lots of large print paper, chipboard, glue, and your imagination. We will study the basic of box construction so that you can build your own artisan box to be used for an array of purposes. To name a few, desktop pencil box, paper tray, stationery package, jewelry box, journal holder, display cases, keepsake box, and enclosures or trays of any custom size. What you can make by hand is most likely never to be found for purchase in a store, unless you’re the one to put there. The design options offer stability, beauty, and professional grade construction. These boxes will impress!

Session III: July 8 – July 12
Living Poetry
It simply makes life more beautiful!

Join us this summer for an intensive focus on poetry—the ever-present dialogue, the undeniable truths, and the endearing layer that accompanies every human experience. Students will receive tips for developing their poetic mind (such as methods for seeing or other modes of observation). This will occur in a series of activities that highlight the aesthetic, emotional, and idiosyncratic nature of human experience. Students will capture and share their poetic compositions in at least one of many possible ways. The structure and delivery of any poem will be driven by the student’s own poetic voice. Poetry can be strongly personal but we will invite students to embrace ways of sharing their poetic point of view with others. The content of this session will offer all participants to find the pathways of their poetic mind widened by this experience.

Session IV: July 15 – July 19
Songwriting Retreat
No experience necessary

Learn how to use song writing to capture and release your thoughts and feelings about anything! Chances are someone out there wants to to sing your song with you. Even if you keep your song private, music and song are important things to keep alive in your personal life because it soothes and refreshes the mind and heart. You can sing anytime and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. We’ll show you how to breakthrough the creative wall and get your song on paper. Any instrument welcome, but not required.

For ages 6 – 12 years-old
9:00am – 1:00pm
Monday – Friday
Capacity: 12